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Frequently Asked Questions



What is student life like in Malaysia?
Marist university is the multiracial home to various ethnic groups that co-exist and work in harmony. To find out more about living in Marist University,

Click here


How can I contact the university?
If you have any enquiries for Bursary, Student Service Department, Finance, Visa, Corporate, Next Gen, or the university in general just

Click her to get in touch.


What accreditation do you have for your courses?
Please Click here for a list of accredited courses.


How and where can I pay the fees?
Upon arriving at our campus, please visit our bursary department along with your Offer Letter to finalize the payment.

The Tuition is paid at Once every year. Arrangement must be made and approved the Bursary department.



I want to study at your university, what courses do you offer?
Marist University provides numerous courses at different levels within the creative sphere of tertiary

education. Click here to view Faculties, Departments and courses they offer

How do I apply to the university?
To join Marist University you will have to thoroughly read through the application procedure and proceed to the application

route that best suits you. You can download the application forms, the prospectuses, brochures and other documents relevant to

your application procedure.

What kind of scholarships or financial support do you offer?
Marist University is committed to ensuring that everyone is extended the opportunity to study, develop their creativity and design

their future. That is why we offer Financial Assistance to locals and Scholarship to deserving students.